The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) is an independent non-governmental organization. Our objective is to develop the means and methodology for establishing democracy and human rights protections. It is the duty and responsibility of a sovereign nation to protect and uphold the rights of its people.
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Petition – Free Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh

Help us fight for Nasrin’s release. Sign the petition calling on the Iranian authorities to: Unconditionally release Nasrin Sotoudeh from prison Unconditionally release all other women’s rights defenders detained for peacefully protesting against forced veiling from prison In Iran, for over 40 years the Islamic Republic Government has continuously executed widespread tactical and systematic human rights violations both inside and outside of the [...read more]

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International Human Right Day; Injustice Has Worsen In Middle Eastern Countries

International Human Rights Day; ICHR joins many here in Canada and  around the globe who celebrate the International Human Rights Day in solidarity with courage, clarity, principle of speaking up peacefully, to create greater freedom, [...read more]

ICHR; Calling For Justice And Transparent Investigation To Suspicious Death Of Shahin Naseri

ICHR strongly condemns the suspicious death of Shahin Naseri in prison, and demands for a through, transparent and rule of law abiding investigation. The government of Iran must be held accountable by the United Nation [...read more]

Afghan Women Are At Imminent Risk Of Getting Attacked And Killed By Taliban

ICHR Strongly condemns the Taliban's attack on women protesting in Kabul, and the continued atrocity of persecution, Violation, and killings of the afghan people specially the women, girls, children, activists, in the country. A number [...read more]

PS752 Justice: Mehrzad Zarei Confronts Trudeau on His Broken Promise to Get Justice for the Downing of Flight PS752

The father of one of the youngest victims of Flight PS752 confronted Prime Minister Trudeau on his commitment to get justice for the victims families. ICHR is calling on the Liberal government and all [...read more]

Afghanistan; Activists Are At Imminent Risk Of Getting Killed By Taliban

ICHR Welcomes Canada’s expansion on resettlement program to bring more Afghans to safety, and in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, Strongly urge the Justin Trudeau Government to raise their voice and take strong serious [...read more]

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