The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) is an independent non-governmental organization. Our objective is to develop the means and methodology for establishing democracy and human rights protections. It is the duty and responsibility of a sovereign nation to protect and uphold the rights of its people.
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Petition – Free Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh

Help us fight for Nasrin’s release. Sign the petition calling on the Iranian authorities to: Unconditionally release Nasrin Sotoudeh from prison Unconditionally release all other women’s rights defenders detained for peacefully protesting against forced veiling from prison In Iran, for over 40 years the Islamic Republic Government has continuously executed widespread tactical and systematic human rights violations both inside and outside of the [...read more]

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Refugees; Canada Should Remain Committed To It’s Asylum System

ICHR Stands in solidarity with refugees worldwide, and We Urge the Canadian Govt to restore refugee programs to take UNHCR referred refugees. As Canadians we love people from every country, it means we can’t forget about [...read more]

Iran; Girl Day Is Celebrated, while Honour Killings reigns the country

Country; Iran Recently girl day was celebrated in Iran, and yet at the same time girls are being Killed for honour. As Under the laws of the Islamic Republic government, male domination, misogyny and child [...read more]

Displacement Camps In Kurdistan Region’s Are In Deteriorating Conditions

ICHR calls on the international community for long-term solutions, to support and help the Displaced Yezidis in Kurdistan Region camps. Many of the approximately 70 million refugees worldwide are facing a double crisis: on top [...read more]

World Refugees Day 2020; Every Action Counts

ICHR stands in solidarity with refugees worldwide, and we urge the international communities to spread more help and support to end the refugee crisis. ICHR have been Honouring World Refugees Day with the Mission of [...read more]

The Government of Iran Increased Saba’s Sentence

Country; Iran Saba's mother says in this video;  Saba Kordafshari's sentence was increased to 15 years mandatory with the insistence of the Revolutionary Guards. ICHR strongly condemns the government of Iran for sentencing Saba KordAfshari [...read more]