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Iran; ‪Ruhollah Zam Tortured and ‬Forced To Confessional Interview

ICHR strongly condemns torture as it’s a serious crime against human rights standards. With numerous credible reports of torture and abuses that the government of Iran has taken in action forcing prisoners to false confessions, as we can see in the fallowing video. ICHR Strongly Calls on the government of Iran to stop the use of torture, and death penalty and to take strong actions to end torture in Iran’s prisons. The government must answer for their crimes against people of Iran. We must stand up against the inhuman treatment of the Islamic Republic government towards Ruhollah Zam, all political prisoners, and the people of Iran. Ruhollah Zam is another victim of Iran’s systemic Human Rights Violation, Rohollah is a [ more]

July 15th, 2020|

Iran; A 55-Yr-old Father Of Two Was Executed For Drinking Alcohol

ICHR strongly condemns the government of Iran for the execution of Morteza Jamali, a 55 years old father of two whom was killed by the government of Iran for drinking alcohol. Executing a man for drinking alcohol, is consider act of murder, and in Iran it’s part of the law and the policies of the government, hence the execution of a 55 years old father for being drunk in the religious city of Iran, Mashhad. This is the true face of the Iranian judiciary and dictator government. Just recently Hedayatollah Abdollahpour, Kurdish-Iranian was sentenced to death on false charges in 2018 was secretly executed. After the judge on the case found him innocent of any wrongdoing. The government of Iran has [ more]

July 9th, 2020|

Iran Must Be Taken to International Court For Shooting Down Flight PS752

Today marks 6 months from the downing of the Ukrainian flight by IRGC. ICHR Continuously and Strongly is In pursuit Of Justice for the families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane downing by Iran’s revolutionary guards (IRGC) missiles, and we strongly call on the governments to stop delaying the process, and take serious actions in pursuing justice. Over Hundred Eighty days have passed since the downing of the Ukrainian aircraft by Iranian regime’s military and Yet no Justice, that’s just not acceptable. The families of the victims seek justice and demand answers. But instead, they are being faced with excuses and empty promises. Canada and other countries who lost citizens in the downing of aircraft, including Britain, Sweden, Ukraine, and Afghanistan, has [ more]

July 8th, 2020|

CanadaDay, Together We Can Fix SystemicRacism, Discrimination, HumanRight_Violation Globally

On July-1st CanadaDay  join ICHR in celebrating Diversity, Inclusion, GenderEquality Equality, HumanRights, Hope, and together we can fix SystemicRacism, Discriminations, HumanRight_Violations, and Gender_based_Violence with LoveFromCanada, as Together we are Stronger. Canada has always focused on multiculturalism, and promoting peace globally, on that note we ask our country to condemn dictatorship and to call in countries with dictatorship policies to start abiding the UN human right laws, and rule of law. ICHR also urges Canada to raise their voice and strongly demand from the states that practice torture and death penalty to put an end to it, and start abiding by the @UN human rights laws and rule of law. And to also call to stop executing protesters, and revoke the [ more]

June 30th, 2020|

Iran; Ruhollah Zam, Media Activist Who Helped Inspire 2017 Protests, Sentenced To Death

Country; Iran ICHR Strongly Condemns the government of Iran for executing protesters, and we Demand to revoke the death sentence for Ruhollah Zam, AmirHossein Moradi, Said Tamjidi, Muhammad Rajabi, and other political prisoners under death row, and to release them immediately and unconditionally. Ruhollah Zam is another victim of Iran’s systemic Human Rights Violation, Rohollah is a journalist and media activist whom is best known for operating a Telegram channel named 'Amadnews', that played a high-profile role in the 2017–18 Iranian protests, is sentenced to death because he practiced his right to speech and expression. Exercising his right to freedom of thought & freedom of expression doesn’t make him a criminal. Injustice cannot go unanswered. The details of his arrest [ more]

June 30th, 2020|

Atena Daemi is Facing New Charges and Prison Time

Country: Iran ICHR strongly demands for Atena’s immediate and unconditional release, from the government of Iran. Each day that Atena spends in prison her  absence is felt worldwide, she is imprisoned for defending women rights to protest against Iran’s forced hijab laws, as well as opposing death penalty. We stand in solidarity with her, and won’t stop until Atena Daemi is released immediately and unconditionally. On Sunday, June 28, a court hearing was held under the chairmanship of Judge Mohammad Reza Amouzad to hear the new charges against Athena Daemi, which was filed against her by the Ministry of Intelligence. The new charges are Propaganda against the state and disruption of prison order, the court charged her with Propaganda against [ more]

June 28th, 2020|