International Human Right Day; injustice Has Worsen In Iran

     ICHR joins many here in Canada and  around the globe who celebrate the International Human Rights Day in solidarity with courage, clarity, principle of speaking up peacefully, to create greater freedom, justice, and equality.      ICHR is very alarmed by the gross systematic violation of human rights in Iran, as it could be the greatest threat to the world peace. The increased persecution, suppression and killing of the opposition domestically and globally will guarantee the progression to more killings and a dark age.      We strongly call on United Nations to hold the Islamic Republic of Iran's criminal and terrorist regime accountable for its crimes against humanity and take all the leaders of the regime to [ more]

December 10th, 2022|

A protester was executed; Iran must be tried for crimes against humanity

ICHR is extremely horrified about the execution of Mohsen Shekari, and strongly condemns the regime of Islamic Republic for sentencing protesters to death penalty as a tactical weapon to stay in power and silence the nationwide protests. Death Sentence is at highest level of human rights violation, and must be stopped immediately. “Mohsen was a 23yrs young protester who was simply asking for his basic rights, and got detained on baseless charges had a trial and convicted to execution within three weeks. This is murder at behest of the criminal regime of Islamic Republic holding people of Iran as hostages by, intimidation, suppression, fear, and murder.” Said; Ardeshir Zarezadeh, the executive director of ICHR ICHR strongly calls on the International [ more]

December 8th, 2022|

Media Release: Epic Joint Rally by Ukrainian and Iranian Canadians in Richmond Hill

For Immediate Release Epic Joint Rally by Ukrainian and Iranian Canadians in Richmond Hill Toronto, Canada – November 12, 2022 The International Centre for Human Rights-ICHR, the Council of Iranian Canadians, the Ps752 Foundation, and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress executed an epically joint Rally by Ukrainian and Iranian community in support of Iran’s revolution for Liberty and free Ukraine. Once again Toronto stood strong as the Ukrainian and Iranian community came together demanding from government of Canada to enlist IRGC as an terrorist entity, and raised their voice for Justice and fought for Liberty in support of people in both countries which are suffering at brutality of dictators. The horrific fact is that the reason [ more]

November 13th, 2022|

Joint Rally by Ukrainian and Iranian Canadians in Richmond Hill

The International Centre for Human Rights - ICHR would like to invite you to stand in solidarity with the people of Iran and Ukraine protesting for their basic human right, "freedom". Your presence and support in this rally will help the people in Iran and Ukraine to stay strong and continue their quest for freedom and their human dignity. One is fighting an invasion and another terrorist regime. Joint Rally by Ukrainian and Iranian Canadians November 12 at 2:30 pm in Richmond Hill In Support of #IranRevolution «Women Life Freedom» and #FreeUkraine. Location: March from Yonge St and 16th Ave to Major Mackenzie Dr and Yonge St Gathering at South Side of Richmond Hill Library after the March. [ more]

November 8th, 2022|

Collecting Information About Iranian Government Presence In Canada

It has been a long time since the Iranian Canadian community alerts the Canadian government of the Iranian regime's presence in Canada. Therefore, ICHR is launching a project to gather information and data to identify the Iranian regime agents in Canada and share them with the government of Canada.  The fact that Iranian officials and IRGC members live in Canada and benefit from Canada is obvious. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accepted that he knows about the regime agents' presence in Canada and indicated that Canada would no longer be a safe haven for them while speaking at a rally in Ottawa on Saturday, October 30.   While no single regime agent was named under Magnitsky law sanctions, we aim to [ more]

November 2nd, 2022|

Stop The Killing Tolls Due To Beatings By IRGC’s Baton

ICHR strongly condemns the criminal regime of Islamic Republic for arresting, beating, and killing protesters in the streets. This is murder and brutal violation of international laws. Mehrshad Shahidinejad the regime’s latest victim, whom was killed at age 19 by the terrorist criminal regime of Islamic Republic for asking for his basic human rights, «Freedom». Was a young chef with many hopes and dreams, that wanted freedom to live his life in dignity and ability to practice his human rights. But that was unacceptable by the dictator regime in Iran and during an extremely brutal arrest after he was protesting for his basic human rights died in detention due to the horrific baton beatings to his head. Just like Mahsa Amini and [ more]

October 28th, 2022|
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