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Sammi Deen Is Facing Death Threats For Seeking Her Fathers Recovery

ICHR condemns the continued Alarming Global violations against the baloch nation under Islamic policies and strongly calls on U.N. U.S. EU and the international community to take stronger positions in order to stop furthermore systematically targeted attacks, violences, disappearances, and genocides.  The Daughter Of Baloch Missing Activist is Facing Death [...read more]

2021-08-05T10:49:12-04:00August 4th, 2021|

World Refugee Day; Refugee Rights Are Human Rights Welcome Refugees

ICHR’s visit to the overcrowded displacement camps in Iraq and turkey. ICHR stands with refugees and urges the world specially the host governments to welcome more refugees from conflict zones and protect them from persecution and violence. Seeking refuge is a fundamental universal human rights as refugees have the right [...read more]

2021-06-20T18:31:23-04:00June 20th, 2021|

Iran’s Presidential Election: Puppet Show or Democracy?

Iran’s Presidential Election: Puppet Show or Democracy? ICHR Strongly Condemns Iran’s Election Under The Dictatorial, Undemocratic, Anti_Humanity Regime Of The Islamic Republic, and Hold this puppet show of an election at the highest level of Unethical act, due to the fact that the basis of the Islamic Republic Government is [...read more]

2021-06-17T19:34:14-04:00June 17th, 2021|

پیروی حکم دادگاه عالی اونتاریو، کانادا باید دست از بازیهای سیاسی بکشد و موضع اصولی بگیرد

مرکز بین المللی حقوق بشر (ICHR) از این موفقیت بزرگ در راه دادخواهی که دادگاه عالی ایالت انتاریوی کانادا به ریایت قاضی ادوارد بلوبابا شلیک موشک به هواپیمای اوکراینی توسط جمهوری اسلامی و سپاه را عامدانه و تروریستی دانست، بسیار خرسند میباشد. ما از روز اول به عمدی و تروریستی بودن این [...read more]

2021-05-24T09:20:56-04:00May 24th, 2021|
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