The International Center for Human Rights – Canada (ICHR) is outraged and appalled by the sham election unfolding in Iran, which the international community is legitimizing through its participation and acceptance, despite full knowledge that the Iranian people do not recognize this regime as their rightful government.

The world is well aware of the regime’s egregious human rights abuses, crimes against humanity, and terrorist activities, yet it continues to engage with this illegitimate government, thereby empowering its oppression and silencing the voices of the Iranian people. We demand that the international community take a stand against this charade and support the Iranian people’s quest for freedom, democracy, and human rights.

The Iranian regime’s election charade is a cunning ploy to divert attention from their heinous crimes and blatant violations. As the world watches the orchestrated political theater, the regime continues to perpetrate atrocities against its own people.

Behind the scenes, women are being detained, beaten, tortured, and murdered daily, their voices silenced by the regime’s iron grip. Embezzlement and corruption run rampant, enriching the elite while the people suffer.

The candidates in this sham election are all seasoned players in the regime’s game of oppression, having held power at some point but failed to effect change. Now, they peddle lies and empty promises to entertain the masses, perpetuating the regime’s cycle of deceit.

Let us not be fooled by this electoral circus. The real issue is the regime’s criminal activities, not the puppet show they stage to distract us. The world must not turn a blind eye to Iran’s suffering. We must demand justice, freedom, and human rights for the Iranian people.

The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) urgently calls on the global community to end their political games and hold the Iranian regime accountable for its terrorist activities and crimes against humanity. Failure to do so will make them complicit in the regime’s atrocities. We demand concrete actions, including:

– Imposing severe sanctions on the entire regime, IRGC, and its affiliate.
– Designating the regime and IRGC as a terrorist entity worldwide
– Revoking visas for all relatives and dependents of regime officials
– Confiscating assets and properties linked to the regime
– Closing all regime embassies and diplomatic missions
– Prosecuting regime officials at the International Criminal Court

The world must act now to end the regime’s impunity and support the Iranian people’s quest for justice and freedom.