The Death Of President Raisi Should Not Impede The Pursuit Of Justice For His Crimes Against Humanity;
  • The criminal who murdered, tortured, harassed, imprisoned, and executed numerous innocents during his life. His death doesn’t absolve him of accountability. He must be trialed in the International Criminal Court and the UN Security Council.

Ibrahim Raisi has played a major role in widespread crimes against humanity and many Murder orders since 1988 as he was one of the judges of the panel related to the mass enforced disappearances and extrajudicial executions. He was also responsible for many other crimes, such as the 1998 massacre killings of peaceful protestors, the Bloody November, and the outrageous crackdown on women nationwide detaining, torturing, killing specially after the Woman, Life, Freedom protests started. Raisi also played his murderous role in the missile attack upon flight PS752.

The International Centre for Human Rights – Canada (ICHR) Strongly Condemned Ibrahim Raisi’s presidency election that was conducted under Dictatorial, Undemocratic, Anti_Human practice, which led to making the biggest murderer the president of the country.

All that been said; “The pursuit of justice for crimes against humanity should not be impeded by the death of any individual. Crimes against humanity are serious offenses that cause immense suffering and violate fundamental human rights. It is crucial to hold accountable those responsible for such crimes to ensure justice, provide closure to victims, and prevent future atrocities.”

“It is important for societies to foster a culture of accountability and ensure that justice is pursued regardless of the status or position of the accused. This helps to promote human rights, deter future crimes, and provide a sense of closure and healing for the victims and their families.” Said; Ardeshir Zarezadeh, the executive director of ICHR center.

The International Centre for Human Rights – Canada (ICHR) is firmly after accountability for Raisi’s crimes in the International Criminal Court and the UN Security Council. As his death must not rob the victims families of accountability and Justice.