International Women’s Day 2024 Theme Is Women Life Freedom Worldwide

     The International Centre for Human Right Canada-ICHR joins the world Welcoming and celebrating the International Women’s Day each year on March8 to acknowledge the achievements of women in progression of their activities towards courageously raising awareness on Gender-based violations, sexism and misogyny, as well as being an amplifying voice for sisters worldwide.

     Governments celebrate International Women’s Day each year on March8 globally for awareness towards the outrageous violations against women rights, but unfortunately in action nothing actual happens and in most countries these political games have become their power to horrifically increase their attacks on women not only in their own nation but worldwide.

The awareness is raised by the same governments worldwide that have continuously executed widespread systematic political games year after year by making the public busy on social media activities on the subject, meanwhile they will continue on their dirty politics while promoting human rights and dignity.

These political games are the reason behind the increasing numbers of violations against women, specially in Iran, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, the Middle Eastern and East Asian(North-Korea, China) women remain suffering from extreme pain of Gender-based discrimination, violations, sexism, misogyny, abuses, Political Repression, and their voices are shut by unlawful sentences, and murder.

     Women rights (human rights) are in real time being abused, invaded, violated, erased, and above all their life are worth nothing as they are Murdered by IRGC, IR Criminal regime, Islamic Republic criminal regime of Pakistan, Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the list continues.

     Canada is ranked the safest place for women, yet they are kidnapped, raped, killed, drugged, abused, sold to traffickers, and many more horrific crimes against women are happening right here in Canada and nothing is being done.

“How is this the safest place for women???”

The Canadian government must take practical effective measures to end these crimes against women and humanity.

USA talks about women rights and yet President Biden is responsible for Taliban occupying Afghanistan. Or was it not them that gave money to the greatest terrorist organization IR criminal regime hence IRGC, for human rights activities? To a terrorist organization? «Then Hamas happened, we can’t forget Ukraine and Russia, “same situation”. »

“How are these actions towards the better world that human rights are not second to political decisions?”
“Otherwise under political games how could we stop all these atrocity against women, children, girls, and humanity?”

International centre for human rights – ICHR strongly condemns the continued mockery of International Women’s Day and demands from governments worldwide to put an end to their political games and actually take serious measures against terrorism, violations, and continued atrocities against women, children, girls, and humanity.

World’s continued contribution in recognizing governments such as Chinese Communist Government, terrorist regime occupying Iran, Criminal Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Taliban, Hamas, Putin, and North Korea as legitimate government. You’re increasing their political, international, financial, and criminal platforms therefore their power against the defenceless civilians that are paying with their lives.

We also call on governments worldwide to take serious measures away from political games to make sure the entirety of the criminal regime occupying Iran, IRGC, and their allies are held accountable.

Measures like:
• Severe sanctions on the entirety of the regime, the #IRGC & affiliates.
• Enlisting the entirety of the regime & IRGC as a terrorist entity.
• Expulsion of all relatives & affiliates visas.
• Confiscation of all assets.
• Closing all embassies of the regime.
• Trial at the International Criminal Court.