Kerman – Iran

   The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) firmly condemns any terrorist attack on innocent people. We call for seriously effective anti terrorism measures worldwide.

   Killing grand number of citizens including children in the terrorist explosions in the city of Kerman in Iran by the Islamic Republic criminal regime is yet another sign of inhumane murdering mindset that this terrorist regime and its allies has towards peace and prosperity.

The Islamic Republic criminal regime is a death machine of misery for people of Iran, the world, and even it’s own supporters.

   The lives, property, stability, and security of Iranians are not worth anything to this criminal regime, whom have spent the country’s facilities, and resources to operate terrorism activities in the country and worldwide. At the cost of harassing, killing and terrorizing the civilians. Spending all its effort training and supplying Islamist terrorists ideology around the world torturing and killing freedom fighters and Iranians.

   This regime not only massacres, terrorizes and suppresses its opponents, who are the majority of Iranian people, but it is also willingly created scenario for people to come for prayer and offerings in order to make the explosion happen and kill innocent people just to say they too are victims of terrorist activity.

   ICHR explicitly condemns these attacks and demands for a full transparence investigation in this case to identify the agents responsible for this horrifically terrorist plot against civilians and hold them accountable.

   For Iran’s and worldwide progression in prosperity and providing security, freedom for all Iranians under the rule of law the world must end its political games and via effective measures hold the criminal I.R. Regime and IRGC accountable for their crimes against humanity.

That been said;

   ICHR calls on the United Nations, international human rights organizations and governments worldwide specially Canada to immediately take these effective measures :

  • Severe sanctions on the entirety of the regime, the IRGC and affiliates.
  • Enlisting the entirety of the regime and IRGC as a terrorist entity.
  • Expulsion of all relatives and affiliates visas.
  • Confiscation of all assets.
  • Closing all embassies of the regime.
  • Trial at the International Criminal Court.