ICHR welcomes Toomaj Salehi’s release from prison but on bail doesn’t mean he is free, and that’s absolutely unacceptable. We demand the immediate unconditional release of Toomaj and all political prisoners.

Practicing freedom of expression, defending human rights, or making music is not a crime, yet the criminal regime not only imprisoned the rapper Toomaj Salehi over 252 days under outrageous torture, they had the audacity to release him on bail, when he shouldn’t have been imprisoned to begin with.

As we celebrate Toomaj’s release on bail we must keep in mind that he is innocent as making music isn’t a crime. Today he must be truly free not on conditions of bail, and worrying about going back to prison.

According to his family; “Toomaj has suffered badly under torture and has life threatening injuries that must have been under immediate treatment. But the regime not only didn’t provide medical care for him, they kept him in solitary so other prisoners wouldn’t be able to help him either.”

Toomaj Salehi has always supported the people and the slogan of women life freedom when the protests started after Mehsa Amini’s murder by the criminal regime. Therefore him being released on bail is a tactic to control the public as they know their end of tyranny is near. Iranians have raised their voice and made their demand for revolution and that has the dictatorial regime scare.

“The release of tireless raper Toomaj Salehi on bail is the fear of the dictatorial and criminal regime from the people, and we insist on the immediate and unconditional release of Toomaj and all political prisoners and their court cases must be declared closed.” Said; The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR)

ICHR strongly call on, United Nations, union Europe, United nation human right commission, Euro parliament, and Governments worldwide to hold the criminal regime accountable for the continued alarming systematic gross violation of human rights such as persecutions, arbitrarily prosecutions, killings, and executions of protesters.

By taking measures like;

  • Severe sanctions on the entirety of the regime, the IRGC and affiliates.
  • Enlisting the entirety of the regime and IRGC as a terrorist entity.
  • Expulsion of all relatives and affiliates visas.
  • Confiscation of all assets.
  • Closing all embassies of the regime.
  • Trial at the International Criminal Court.