Increased Extreme Violence, After Killing of Mahsa Amini at Behest of the Regime.

ICHR commemorates the first anniversary of the “Women, Life, Freedom” uprising, and in solidarity with the families of the victims, the heroes of free Iran, on the day of Mahsa’s Murder, warns the international community to stand on the right side of history by Condemning the criminal regime for all its crimes against humanity, and stop considering this terrorist organization to be the government of Iran.

ICHR had organized a rally on October 22, 2022, in Toronto and more 50K people attended. This year we will join thousands of people around the globe in solidarity with the families of the victims to support Human Rights and Free Iran.

During this past year since the protests began after the regime arbitrarily detained, brutally tortured, beaten and killed Mahsa, they started to increase the regime’s Heinous violence against Iranians, and as time got closer to the date the outraged persecution got systematically worsen.

The authorities of the Islamic Republic have always committed massive crimes based on international laws to crush any resistance that challenged their power.

These heinous crimes include; Hundreds of cases of killing of Iran’s freedom-loving youth, arbitrary execution of protestors, tens of thousands of cases of arbitrary arrest, widespread torture, rape of prisoners, harassment of victim’s families, retaliatory measures against women and girls who disobey the discriminatory laws of forced hijab, arbitrary re-detaining  activists and protesters, attacks on students, and egregious dismissal of university professors, repeated and suspicious murders of detainees, pressure with threats on Sunni religious leaders  as well as people in Sistan and Baluchistan.

“Fearing the widespread nationwide unity of the people for free Iran, on the anniversary of Mehsa Amini’s murder the repressive forces of the regime have started to carry out massive and systematic violence, murder, hostage taking, internet disconnection, arbitrary arrests, and violently detaining the victim’s families.” Said; Ardeshir Zarezadeh, the executive director of ICHR centre.

“The regime has inflicted unspeakable criminally cruelty on people in Iran since their tyranny began in 1979, for courageously challenging decades of outraged repression and inequality, and not one criminal investigation has been launched, yet prosecuted and held responsible for crimes committed.” Added; Ardeshir Zarezadeh, the executive director of ICHR centre.

This level of direct attack on a principle of rules of law and flagrant violation of human rights by the criminal regime, in the country and around the world is extremely worrisome.

Yet how is it that the world has closed its eyes on rule of law, and human rights all for benefits and dirty political games, therefore they’ve not taken any credible serious actions.

Recent example of these political games are billions of ransom money being released to the murderous terrorist regime of I.R, while they are saying there are zero room for negotiations. (USA, EU, Ca)

The international community must pursue serious measures for justice at the international level to end the systemic impunity of the criminal regime as Iran marks the one year anniversary of Mahsa’s Murder and the “Woman Life Freedom” uprising.

On the painful day of Mahsa’s murder, and yet extremely hopeful day that planted the seeds of free Iran. ICHR join’s millions of people around the world to support and  take action for human rights, freedom, all in solidarity with each and every family of the heroes of the free Iran.

ICHR also on this day strongly warns the international community to stop playing political games by listening to the voice of the Iranian people, and Condemn the regime for all its crimes against humanity with serious measures and away from political games.

With measures like;

  • Severe sanctions on the entirety of the regime, the IRGC and affiliates.
  • Enlisting the entirety of the regime and IRGC as a terrorist entity.
  • Expulsion of all relatives and affiliates visas.
  • Confiscation of all assets.
  • Closing all embassies of the regime.
  • Trial at the International Criminal Court.