International Women’s Day 2023 Review; Women Rights And Safety Are Under Outraged Attacks

ICHR honours the International Woman’s Day and celebrates all the women, and the human rights defenders taking action by playing active role in shaping their country’s future, and end the gender-based discrimination and violence, as the many around the world are experiencing the most outrageous injustice because of who they are. Specially the brave women in Iran taking the streets asking for their rights in the women life freedom revolution.

The huge task of holding those responsible for these human rights violations, and abuses is largely left to These courageous advocates. Whom work selflessly to create a more just and equal world, for all. Often they do so while dealing with their own experiences of discrimination, violence, and their own safety.

It has been more than 40 years since the UN chose March 8th as the day to annually celebrate the women worldwide, whom courageously are raising awareness on Gender-based violations, sexism and misogyny, as well as being an amplifying voice for sisters worldwide, and honouring the commemoration of the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women.

Yet the problems of all women specially the Middle Eastern (Iran, Afghanistan) and East Asian(North-Korea, China) women remain unresolved and extremely alarming; as they are suffering from extreme pain of Gender-based discrimination, violations, sexism, misogyny, abuses, Political Repression, and their voices are shut by unlawful sentences.

For years these Governments have continuously executed widespread systematic discrimination, violence, killings, Political Repression against women, and they are left exposed to prosecution, and outrageous sentences. That is just unacceptable, what is UN doing about these horrific situations ? Specially about women rights in Afghanistan Since Taliban take over, and Iran specifically since Women Life Freedom revolution.

In both these countries the women whom oppose are being stopped in the streets on daily bases and abused violently, threatened, degraded verbally, physically assaulted, raped, killed, imprisoned, and sentenced to outrageous sentences. As the world and the United Nation are watching in blinded vision and plugged ears.

The atrocity of degrading women by taking their Freedom, life, and dignity extends to women also being banned from attending classes at mosques, or most public areas nationwide. And if they dare to raise their voice against the injustice against their rights, then they are facing Taliban’s and Islamic Republic’s wrath; the arbitrarily arrests, torture, rape, killed, and disappearances.

The criminal regime of Islamic Republic is chemically attacking girls schools using chemical Arsenic gas, on the daily basis to prevent them from getting an education, suppressing the Iranian women across the country, and killing them as the women life freedom revolution moves forward. These attacks have led to these girls loosing their mobility and to their death.

That been said; We urge everyone to stand up in promoting and defending rights and condemn the governments that use criminalization, discrimination against women, their rights, their dignity, and practice of violence, such as honour killing in Islamic laws.

What actions are being taken by the UN for the system that has been Failing the Women’s Rights in Afghanistan, and Iran by The failure to provide accountability for violence against women and girls that has given the Taliban and the Islamic regime further crucial legal protections to continue their attacks on the women, no action or progress from UN shows that they are not doing anything to protect these women’s Dignity and Human Rights.

The deliberate disregard towards women’s rights to practice their basic human right, is openly ignoring the international laws and human rights, and that means more Terrorist activities worldwide. Both Taliban and Islamic Republic are grave treats for world peace.

ICHR strongly condemns the governments that are Criminalizing women, and violating their rights, and to start abiding by the rule of law and laws of human rights. We also firmly call on the UN to hold these governments accountable and the authorities, morality police, the police, and the pro-government thugs for their crimes against women’s rights in their country.

ICHR is absolutely outraged and horrified by the regime’s nationwide Chemical Arsenic gas attacks on girls in their high schools. We strongly call on the world health organization to do an independent investigation into the matter and hold the responsible party accountable.

ICHR strongly calls on the international community, the World Health Organization, freedom seekers, educators and different social strata to resist this systematic inhumane attack on girls’ schools and Iran and Iranians, otherwise we will definitely see far more violent acts at all the levels of the society.