ICHR is absolutely outraged and horrified by the regime’s nationwide Chemical Arsenic gas attacks on girls in their high schools. We strongly call on the world health organization to do an independent investigation into the matter and hold the responsible party accountable.

These continued chemical attacks across the country on girls schools in Iran are highly disturbing, and are a direct and clear attack on girls in the women’s life freedom revolution.  While schools should always be a safe place for children.

The criminal regime’s chemical attacks on girls’ schools on the daily basis to prevent them from getting an education and suppressing the Iranian women across the country are very disgraceful and unconscionable.  And if we do not resist and investigate, the situation will become much more violent.

ICHR strongly calls on the international community, the World Health Organization, freedom seekers, educators and different social strata to resist this systematic inhumane attack on girls’ schools and Iran and Iranians, otherwise we will definitely see far more violent acts at all the levels of the society.