ICHR joins many here in Canada and  around the globe who celebrate the International Human Rights Day in solidarity with courage, clarity, principle of speaking up peacefully, to create greater freedom, justice, and equality.

     ICHR is very alarmed by the gross systematic violation of human rights in Iran, as it could be the greatest threat to the world peace. The increased persecution, suppression and killing of the opposition domestically and globally will guarantee the progression to more killings and a dark age.

     We strongly call on United Nations to hold the Islamic Republic of Iran’s criminal and terrorist regime accountable for its crimes against humanity and take all the leaders of the regime to the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Security Council to prosecute.

United Nation sole move is to reduce the inequalities, discriminations, rights violations worldwide in order to to advance the quality of life and human rights. As; “All human beings are born free, equal, with dignity and rights.” But unfortunately the UN has always been silent about human rights violations in Iran and so far has not taken any serious action against the regime of IR.

Iran’s human rights violations have been alarmingly increasing in year 2022, people of Iran are under tyranny of an criminal Terrorist regime, which has degraded people dignity and violated their rights by using brutally inhumane methods to intimidate, suppress, and killing the people to stay in power.

There are no medication, insulin, health care essentials, the economy has been very poor, more children in the streets, women are discriminated at most violating manners, minorities are not considered human, the country is drying up, south west of iran has no water, students don’t have access to advance education, child marriages are increased by government offering money, and the list can go on for ever.

The most recent violation of human rights in Iran led to the murder of Mahsa Amini a young woman who was site seeing with her brother was brutally assaulted and arrested for not wearing proper Islamic force hijab and got killed after she was beaten in detention, which her murder led to the uprising united by the people of Iran that’s being met with regime’s most brutal inhuman treatments.

Treatment such as firing bullets, death sentences, button  beatings, rape, torture, illegal arrests, kidnapping, corrupted judicial system, child killings, murder, sentencing protesters to death penalty among them «doctors, under age, youngsters» brutal threats, zero safety, and the international political games that are strong in words not actions which is helping the regime to stay in power.

     The international world has one important roll and that’s to stand up for human rights and hold the violator accountable, which in this case it’s the Islamic Republic regime in Iran.

The actions that must be taken are;

  • severely strong sanctions on the entirety of the regime, IRGC, and all affiliates.
  • Enlist the whole of the regime and IRGC as an Terrorist entity.
  • Deport all relatives and affiliates.
  • Seize all assets.
  • Trial in the international criminal court.

Over 15K protesters are imprisoned, hundreds are killed by live ammunition in the streets, thousands are injured severely that has led to some of them dying, people are not even safe in their homes as the security forces throw tear gas or fire bullet at the houses windows that has led to injuries and some deaths, including many children among all these violations. Children are getting killed, losing parents, all because people of iran are asking for their basic human rights.

For over 4 decades the criminal regime has continuously executed widespread systematic tactics such as all forms of physical and mental violence, beating, Illegal arbitrarily Prosecutions, torture, forced confessions, murder, and executions of protesters, against the people of Iran, which must be severely prosecuted in the International criminal court, as well as enlisted as a terrorists entity worldwide.

The regime’s recent murder was through its corrupted judicial system by executing a 23yrs young protester Mohsen Shekari fighting for his basic rights. A government that is the enemy of its people with culture of killing innocents must tried at the international criminal court.

Recently the regime very clearly is ordering the killing of protesters calling them the enemy of state and religion, and after murdering Mohsen by hanging they said the fate of all disruptive people are same. Defenceless innocent people protesting for their basic rights are not enemy of anything nor are they disruptive, they just simply want to be treated like human beings.

After the murder of Mahsa Amini the world have come to see very closely and clearly that the regime of Islamic Republic is not ever going to abide the international laws, rule of law and human rights, and will continuously kill and take their fierce attacks on the right to life and the right to freedom of expression to unprecedented levels, and through it all the world should not be silent, and end political games.

     On International Human Rights Day ICHR strongly calls for accountability and Justice, the criminal regime and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic (Ali Khamenei) must answer for their continued crimes against humanity and their terrorist activities.

     We also very loudly calls on governments, freedom fighters, human right activists, political parties worldwide, European union, and the United Nations for effective serous united action against the terrorist criminal regime of Islamic Republic, for Liberty in Iran.

     ICHR will continue fighting for human rights, refugee rights, as well as standing with prisoners and human rights activists in the Middle East and neighbouring countries. We also strongly calls on the UN to stand in solidarity with the people of the Middle East and take the government officials to account.

     We firmly call on the UN to condemn the grave violation of human rights, unfair trials, disappearances, tortures, suppressing peaceful protests, outrageous discriminatory legislation policies against all people specially women and minorities, murders, especially the killings of the minors, and use of death penalty,  in countries such as Iran, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia and bring resolution to stop the violation of human rights.”