It has been a long time since the Iranian Canadian community alerts the Canadian government of the Iranian regime’s presence in Canada. Therefore, ICHR is launching a project to gather information and data to identify the Iranian regime agents in Canada and share them with the government of Canada. 

The fact that Iranian officials and IRGC members live in Canada and benefit from Canada is obvious. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accepted that he knows about the regime agents’ presence in Canada and indicated that Canada would no longer be a safe haven for them while speaking at a rally in Ottawa on Saturday, October 30.  

While no single regime agent was named under Magnitsky law sanctions, we aim to gather information and make them public and help the government to remove them from Canada.

IRGC commander, Morteza Talaei

“Just a few months ago, an IRGC commander, Morteza Talaei, was seen in Toronto while working out in a private gym. We must ensure that those people are not allowed to enter Canada; they are a threat to Canada’s security and interests”. Said Ardeshir Zarezadeh, ICHR director. 

The government of Canada recently announced that some Iranian regime officials and thousands of IRGC commanders and staff would be sanctioned and unable to travel to Canada.

ICHR asks everyone who has information, pictures and evidence about the Iranian regime’s presence in Canada to forward them to the following email: