The gathering of more than 50K Iranians in Toronto in support of the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people against the terrorist criminal regime of the Islamic Republic.

ICHR proudly with Ps752-Foundation, government officials, politicians, other human right organizations, activists, and Iranian Canadians on October22 apically united protested for human rights and freedom in solidarity of the people in Iran uprising against the criminal terrorist regime of IR.

From the drones, videos, and head counts we estimate over 50K joined the protest for human rights and freedom in support of the people in Iran with united clear message.

Freedom, human dignity, and human rights for people of Iran which the only way to get that is to take power from the criminal terrorist regime of Islamic Republic.

The systemic crimes at behest of the Islamic Republic regime has highlighted an urgent need for states worldwide to take immediate actions to ensure an end to these inhuman atrocities; their continued violations of all international laws, normalizing criminal activities, murder and gross human right violations worldwide. 

ICHR and every protester at the event on October22 strongly demanded from the government of Canada to stand in solidarity with the people of Iran and condemn the terrorist regime by extending the sanctions to the entirety of the regime and IRGC, seize their properties in entirety, enlist them as a terrorist entity, take the Ps752 atrocity case to the international criminal court, and the UN Security Council.