ICHR strongly condemns the criminal regime in Iran for arresting Thousands of protesters and the Killings in the streets and detention for asking for their basic human right.

The brutal abusive regime in Iran has arrested Thousands of protesters ranging from 10yrs old and above. Killing people in the streets and detention for asking for their basic human right. The number of death toll is rising daily including children specially in west and south of Iran.

At this point many protesters wounded by the security forces are too afraid to go to the hospitals for treatment, because some protesters seeking medical help have been detained and tortured or  killed by the government. According to several accounts shared with CBS News, from both inside and outside Iran.

This inhuman persecutions and killings comes after 45 years of Terrorism and continued unjust brutal tyranny of this criminal regime.

Yet governments around the world and the United Nation are not taking any action, what the people in Iran need are serious effective steps such as strong sanctions against the brutal tyrant regime, IRGC and their Families. They must be enlisted as an terrorist entity. Verbal supports are not enough.

Governments like Trudeau liberals that call the IRGC and the regime in Iran terrorist but in action they don’t enlist them as a terrorist entity that they are. They impose travel bands on 10K IRGC members, but they don’t designate them as terrorist entity.

ICHR is grateful for the bands but also frustrated with the fact that PM Trudeau keep mentioning Terrorist verbally but won’t actually list IRGC and the regime as such. It’s time to end these political games and stand with the people of Iran.

ICHR firmly demands from Canada to immediately expand sanctions and these travel bands to include the entirety of IRGC, the regime leaders and and their families, as well as enlisting them as terrorist entity.