Four years have passed since Canadian Parliament passed motion to ban IRGC – and still no action

Ottawa, Canada – June 9, 2022

The International Centre for Human Rights in Canada (ICHR) and the Council of Iranian Canadians is calling on the Canadian Government to deliver on its commitment to take firm action in response to the criminal acts of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It has been four years since the Canadian Parliament passed a resolution to ban the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

In a speech in Ottawa on June 8,Motmaen Far, President of the Council of Iranian Canadians said, “The Liberal Government has failed to keep its promise to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization knowing that for decades, this organisation has terrorized and oppressed the people of Iran, and supported other terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah and Hamas, who perpetrate antisemitic crimes and coordinate terror attacks against Canada’s allies in the rest of the world.

Previous administrations in Canada had taken a more stringent position toward the Islamic republic’s imprisonment and killing of Canadian citizens, yet not Mr. Trudeau. How many more Canadian lives must be destroyed before Justin Trudeau finally declares “ENOUGH is ENOUGH” to the criminal regime of Iran and its IRGC.”

Ardeshir Zarezadeh, the executive director of ICHR said; “I’m happy to attend the panel in the Parliament Hill in Ottawa this afternoon to call on the government of Canada to take the case of PS752 to international courts, enlist the IRGC (Sepah) as a terrorist organization in Canada, and take serious actions in preventing members of Iranian regime entering Canada.”

“Most of the families who speak up, demand Canada to condemn IRGC and the Iranian government officials for killing loved ones by implementing the Magnitsky Act sanctions, but the Liberal government continues to ignore the facts and takes no credible actions in pursuit of justice.”

The members of Parliaments, Melissa Lantsman, Garnet Genuis, and Jasraj Hallan promised to follow up on the mentioned concerns and take firm credible steps towards Justice and implementing the Magnitsky Act sanctions.

We call, once again, on the Government of Canada to keep their promise and take a principled stand against the IRGC terrorists, impose Magnitsky sanctions on Iranian officials who violate human rights, and open a Canadian criminal investigation on the downing of Ukrainian flight PS752, ceasing to refer to this criminal act as only a tragedy and recognizing it as what it is, a terrorist atrocity.

The time for action and justice is NOW.


ICHR Media Contact:

Darya Shirin Kam
Communication Director
International Center for Human Rights in Canada

Council of Iranian Canadians
Motmaen Far