ICHR strongly condemns the suspicious death of Shahin Naseri in prison, and demands for a through, transparent and rule of law abiding investigation. The government of Iran must be held accountable by the United Nation in the international criminal courts for their continued torture, and killings of the prisoners especially the opposers of the dictator anti humanity government of Islamic Republic.

Under international law the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners is that the authorities must ensure that all prisoners have prompt access to lawyer, medical attention, health care, human rights, and under all circumstances torture of any kind, ill treatments, and death penalty is forbidden.

Shahin Naseri’s final message from the prison; “I was eye witnessed to repeated horrifying inhuman tortures on the body of Navid Afkari, the executed Iranian wrestling champion.” Media; Naseri’s Voice.

Shahin died after he gave testimony in the trial of a political prisoner and wrestler Navid Afkari who was killed by death penalty September 12, 2020, and his attempted to read the statement he had written for the first anniversary of Afkari’s execution.

Naseri intended to read the statement through the media outlets over the phone, a plan that led the prison security to transfer him to solitary confinement, but nonetheless Naseri was able to borrow a phone and make several calls to his lawyer.

Shahin Naseri had been repeatedly put in solitary confinement and abused for bravely testifying about Navid Afkari’s torture but never surrendered to the pressures of security forces.

For over 40 years the Government of Iran has continuously executed widespread systematic discrimination, violence, Political Repression against the people of Iran, and are left exposed to Illegal-Prosecutions, Tortures, Forced_Confessions, Executions, I’ll treatments and Murder.

ICHR strongly calls for accountability and Justice the Judiciary, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic (Ali Khamenei) must answer for their continued criminalization of people specially the political opposer, their practice of Illegal-Prosecutions, Tortures, Forced-Confessions, Executions, and Murder.