ICHR Strongly condemns the Taliban’s attack on women protesting in Kabul, and the continued atrocity of persecution, Violation, and killings of the afghan people specially the women, girls, children, activists, in the country.

A number of women in Kabul, Afghanistan, rallied to demand an end to the repression of women, and they chanted:

“The world should not recognize the Taliban, we want our human rights, our protest is the cry of most Afghan women, these are the demands of the women and people of Afghanistan.”

Taliban’s repressive forces attacked the  women’s protest gathering, and released tear gas, as well as brutally beaten, harassed the women protesting.

Also in nearby towns, Taliban’s repressive local forces opened fire on civilians protesting, and left 17 people killed and  many wounding.

This is after they announced in the media outlets that the freedom of women will not be violated, this is the dark history of Taliban, lies, deceive, violation of rights, Enemy of World peace.

Every women, girls, and children are in immediate danger as the Taliban has already started forced child Marriages, harassment, persecution and killings of the women specially the women protesting for their human rights.

Recognizing Taliban only guarantees Their continued brutal attacks on cities and Afghan people, that has led to Horrifying war crimes and outrageous blatant human right violations and catastrophic humanitarian crimes in Afghanistan, and irreparable threat to the security of the regions and the world.

This atrocity in the country is the direct results of dirty politics of Islamic Republic of Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, and U.S opening the way by turning their back on the people of Afghanistan.(Troika)

ICHR stands strong in solidarity with the Afghan people and strongly calls on the on the international community, United Nations, and E.U to take  immediate serious measures to prevent Taliban’s attacks, also to prevent exacerbate violent extremism and incite terrorists in the region posing a serious and irreparable threat to the collective security of the region and the world.

ICHR also urge the government of Canada to take into consideration the sensitivity and critical situations of the women, activists, and the people of Afghanistan and re-open the resettlement program of 20,000 vulnerable Afghans to grant them protection, security and safety.