Afghanistan Is At The Risk Of Civilians Evacuation And Needs Resettlement Support.

ICHR Welcomes Canada’s expansion on resettlement program to bring more Afghans to safety, and in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, Strongly calls on the international community, United Nations, and E.U to take  immediate serious measures to prevent Taliban attacks on cities, which have led to war crimes, widespread human rights abuses and catastrophic humanitarian crimes.

Afghans Who Fled Their Homes Due To Taliban’s Attacks And Hostile Violence On City After City Taking Over Afghanistan, Leading To Outrageous Catastrophic Humanitarian Or War Crimes, Are Taking Refuge In Public Parks And Borders In Fear Of Their Lives.

“Taking refuge in such manner During Covid19 Pandemic, has created overcrowded camps with outrageous and serious crisis, such as safety, lack of electricity, basic necessities like soap, clean water.” Said; Daryanaz Shirinkam Communication Director at ICHR Canada.

“At this point stay in Afghanistan means facing death, persecution at behest of Taliban, and fleeing means facing coronavirus in overcrowded situations.”Added; Daryanaz Shirinkam Communication Director at ICHR Canada.

Taliban’s hostile fighters have entered #Kabul. Gunfire and bloodshed in the capital have risen. Taliban is holding all border crossings, leaving Kabul International Airport as only way out, which has led to the flood of people running for their life.

Canada resettlement of 20,000 vulnerable Afghans threatened by the Taliban and forced to flee Afghanistan is a great step towards security and safety of Afghan people, but they need more than that.

Every women, girls and children are in immediate danger as the Taliban has already started their forced child Marriage, harassment, persecution and killings of the women specially the women with no male guardian.

ICHR Urges the government of Canada jointly with the unite nations, EU and the international community to take measures to ensure security and safety of every women, Girl, and child, as they are at imminent danger.

ICHR; The World must come together to stop Taliban from taking over Afghanistan, before it is too late to prevent catastrophic humanitarian crimes and the protraction of war in Afghanistan, also to prevent exacerbate violent extremism and incite terrorists in the region posing a serious and irreparable threat to the collective security of the region and the world.