ICHR supports the Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims, marching to protest for justice for the victims of the flight PS752, demanding a criminal investigation into the matter by the Government of Canada.

18 months has passed since the Regime’s terrorist act of downing Flight Ps752 by IRGC’s (Revolutionary Guard’s) two missiles, a deliberate action that took 176 innocent lives and today the countries involved are playing games with justice instead of pursuing it.

ICHR stands in solidarity with the families of Flight PS752 victims in continued pursued of Justice, and demands from the government of Canada do take serious actions to ensure the victims receive the justice they deserve, instead of dragging accountability for this atrocity.

Canada must stand in solidarity with the families.

  • Condemn IRGC & Govt Officials For killing our loved ones by taking the case to the international Criminal Court and UN security council
  • List IRGC as a terrorist organization
  • Boycott & sanction corrupt officials of the Islamic Republic

The protest march for PS752 flight victims will start at Queen‘s Park and make its way to Nathan Phillips Square on Thursday August 5th from 6pm-8pm.