ICHR strongly condemns the Forced marriage of children ordered by the Taliban and calls it the highest level of an outrageous brutal violation, and attack on their human rights.

The Taliban’s order to identify girls over the age of 15 for forced marriages should not only make headlines, the unite nations must interfere and take serious and firm actions to stop such atrocity.

The Taliban have instructed tribal elders to announce the names of girls over the age of 15 to marry their soldiers. This only shows how inhumanly, and disgracefully vast Taliban’s disregard for rule of laws as well as human rights are.

This anti-child, anti-woman, anti-human order of the Taliban was issued in a situation where the Islamic Republic referred to this terrorist group as the genuine movements in the region and the reformed group, while shaking hands with Taliban’s leader.

Though It is no a wonder that the Islamic Republic refers to the Taliban terrorist group in this manner, because not only the Islamic Republic has supported the terrorist groups in the region for the past 43yrs, it’s also a full fledged Anti-Humanity government that has legalized Child Marriages In Exchange Of Financial Loans.

The world must come together in unity and Shame as well as condemn the Taliban and the Islamic Republic by taking strong actions to stop these outrageous brutal violations, and attacks on the children’s human rights by the Terrorist behaviour of tyrant inhuman power from the political Islam movement. These currents must be brought down by the organized forces of the people.

ICHR strongly stands in solidarity with children’s human rights and firmly calls on the international community to take immediate serious actions to accelerate progress in advancing child rights, and their security and well-being worldwide, specifically Put an end to the Terrorist behaviour of tyrant inhuman power from the political Anti-Humanity movements such as Taliban, and Islamic Republic.

“For Every Child Every Right”