ICHR’s visit to the overcrowded displacement camps in Iraq and turkey.

ICHR stands with refugees and urges the world specially the host governments to welcome more refugees from conflict zones and protect them from persecution and violence. Seeking refuge is a fundamental universal human rights as refugees have the right to life, liberty and to seek asylum from persecution.

On this day we want to highlight that The number of people forced to flee their homes due to conflict, war, human rights abuses and other on unspeakable dangers has reached a record breaking of 82.4 million.

The situation of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers around the world is at critical point, and serious crisis.

The lack of humanitarian assistance at overcrowded displacement camps, such as lack of electricity, healthcare, basic necessities like soap, clean water and facing Covid_19 pandemic is taking its toll on the refugees as their living conditions are deteriorating, particularly during coronavirus challenges.

As Canadians we love people from every country, Through good times and bad, our country has strived to be a beacon of hope for the world’s most vulnerable.

Canada should remain committed to its humanitarian tradition, and to the asylum system that is fair and efficient.

But Today, the program is hardly active, and they are only taking very limited and low number of vulnerable refugees whom has received status by UNHCR. They can’t go back home, we have to help them start their life’s over Now.

ICHR urges the Canadian immigration to reestablish the refugee program  and rescue more vulnerable refugees whom has received status by UNHCR, and honour the LGBTQ refugee program to bring LGBT+ asylum seekers to Canada from countries where they are in danger including Iran and its neighboring countries. Specially During COVID19 challenges.