Iran’s Presidential Election: Puppet Show or Democracy?

ICHR Strongly Condemns Iran’s Election Under The Dictatorial, Undemocratic, Anti_Humanity Regime Of The Islamic Republic, and Hold this puppet show of an election at the highest level of Unethical act, due to the fact that the basis of the Islamic Republic Government is dictatorship, crime, murder, systematic repression, and terrorist acts.

That been said; ICHR in solidarity with the people of Iran gathered at the streets of Toronto-Canada to protest against the Islamic Republic rigged election, and united with the Iranian/Canadians in Toronto Chanted “No To The Rigged Elections” & “No To The Islamic Republic” & said; “Our Vote Is Overthrow”.

During the Protest we also chanted for the free and equal society for the people of Iran, a country free of persecution, oppression, torture, violence, murder, free from the criminal and lawless dictatorship system of Islamic Republic that has organized a repeated cycle of anti-humanism.

After 4Decades of the regime’s cruel and inhumane ruling, and repeated tactical assassinations, today the people of Iran are consciously calling for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic.

The international community and the members of the European Union must not ignore the crisis of the Iranian people, and in solidarity with the rule of law must they must stop negotiating and paving the way for justice by putting pressure on the government.

Government Of Iran Holds The Record of gross human rights violations, and should be highlighted in every aspect or article written, not given seats for negotiations.

  • Throughout its ruling, the Islamic Republic;
  • Has Carried Out Half Of All Reported Executions In The World; Despite the 26 percent drop in world executions since 2020, the number of death penalties carried out by Iran has increased, constituting half of all executions in the world, and ranking First in executing women, as well as Repressor Of Rights.
  • Has imprisoned, tortured, raped, and killed human rights activists, political activists, lawyers, and protesters in prisons.
  • Has Committed Crime Of Murdering since the 1980s to the 2009Elections, the protests of December2017, November2019, and the deliberate firing of two IRGC missiles at a Ukrainian airliner which to this day have claimed the lives of millions of Iranians by using live ammunition.

ICHR Strongly Condemns Iran’s Election Under The Dictatorial, Undemocratic, Anti_Humanity Regime Of The Islamic Republic, Which Every Candidate Up For Presidency Have Committed Major Number Of The Most Outrageous, Shameful, and inhuman, Human Rights Violations.

We also strongly call on the U.N, E.U state members, and the international community to jointly take serious actions to bring the government of Islamic Republic to the International Criminal Court and the UN Security Council in pursuit for accountability.