ICHR is absolutely horrified and mourns the lost of these children, and in solidarity with the survivors, all First Nations, and all families who are currently grieving and in mourning, strongly calls on the government of Canada to bring accountability and Justice.

This is very shocking that the impacts associated with the ongoing traumatized intergenerational with residential schools as part of the colonization and outrageous human rights violations are still remaining in Canadian institutions today.

But this is not surprising as Canada Is Falling Short; locating the remains of 215 Indigenous children that were inhumanly and brutally Buried under the grounds of the Kamloops Residential School in Kamloops, BC is absolutely shocking as well as unacceptable specially in the state that stands up for human rights.

“Lowering flags in the honour of the 215 children killed in residential schools, and memorial is not only far from enough, it’s yet another political play that gives the illusion of solidarity. The Indigenous Children Deserve Justice & Accountability. It should not take such a tragic discovery to raise action.” Said; Daryanaz Shirinkam Communication Director at ICHR.

The Canadian government has always been fully aware of these human rights violations, as they have been accurately documented all these years, therefore today they must pursue justice with transparency and without any political authority, to bring accountability.

Canada has been frequently called on to address its colonial history of human rights violations and to take strong actions in order to ensure justice for survivors, their families and communities. But so far Canada has not done anything to resolve the issue and ongoing trauma.

Instead of short coming and indifference behaviour, the Government of Canada must press for resolving the ongoing human rights violations, Justice, accountability, and passing the Bill C-15 which is an important foundation for confronting colonialism and addressing the urgent needs of Indigenous peoples and communities, as well as bringing federal laws into line with the requirements of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

ICHR urges the government of Canada to take immediate actions for the Truth, Justice, and a transparence Inquiry into the Missing and the Murdered of the many Indigenous women, men, and children. Including investigations into other schools and accountability for these outrageous human rights violations.