ICHR Strongly Calls For The Immediate Expulsion Of The Islamic Republic From The Un Commission On The Status Of Women.

Iran, the country that ranks #1 in the world for the execution of women and the repression of women’s rights getting elected with an overwhelming majority to the U.N. Commission for Women’s Status, is the highest level of violation of rights.

Allowing Iran to stay as a member that ensures gender equality, and women empowerment globally, is sending clear Message that the U.N. has turned an blind eye on the systematic repression and criminalization of women in Iran.

“Iran, the top-ranking executioner of women and repressor of women’s rights can not have  any place in the U.N. Commission on Status of Women, It’s horrifying, and morally reprehensible.” Said; Daryanaz Shirinkam, Communication Director at ICHR.

“Electing the Islamic Republic of Iran to protect women’s rights is itself a violation of human rights as the government of Iran performs the highest number of executions of women in the world.” Said Ardeshir Zarezadeh, ICHR Director.

For over 42 years the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has continuously practiced widespread systematic discrimination, persecution, illegal prosecution, execution, and domestic violence’s including honour killings that the government has avoided to criminalize, and instead have continuously promoted it.

“The government with the nature of Anti-Women, that has been holding the Women hostage under brutally systematic oppressed, and inhuman laws in society. Must be reason enough to appose the Islamic Republic’s membership in the Commission on the Status of Women, & demand its expulsion.” Added; Daryanaz Shirinkam.

ICHR strongly condemns the election of Iran as a member of the Commission on the Status of Women, and firmly calls on EU member states, the U.N. and Canada, as well as the U.S. to jointly condemn this decision and take serious actions to annul this outrageous and reprehensible act.