ICHR joined and Marched with the families of the victims of the Ukrainian flight PS752 in pursuit of Justice on the first anniversary of the downing, on Friday January 8, 2021, where hundreds of Iranian-Canadian marched alongside the families from the University of Toronto to the City Hall. 

Participants carried the pictures of the victims and at the end held a candle light vigil in the memory of their loves once.

On this important day we joined the march in memory of the victims and support of the families as well as to show our commitments of demanding justice”. Said Ardeshir Zarezadeh, executive director of ICHR.

Shahin Moghadam one of the families of the victims whom have lost his wife Shakiba and his son Rastin Moghadam who would have been ten years old if he was not perished in the Ukrainian airplane shooting on January 8, 2020 in Tehran.

Told ICHR that he and all the families want  answers. “One year has passed and yet there is no reason provided why the regime in Iran launched at least two missiles to bring down the Ukrainian plane and kill 176 innocent souls.” 

Shahin Moghadam added; “We want Canada to sanction all official who had any role in destroying the plan and murdering our loved ones and the IRGC must be listed as a terrorist organization in Canada”.

Mehrzad Zarei, whom also has lost his son, Arad Zarei, as well spoke to ICHR in the event. “I am here at the event not only in memory of our loved ones, but to send strong message to the world that Justice and accountability is our number one priority and we will not stay silent until Justice is served”.

Mehrzad Zarei added; “We launched a court case against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Supreme Leader and the head of the revolutionary guard and other officials, and we want the Canadian justice system to issue a strong verdit against the regime as this is the most important way to reach justice.”

Mehrzad Zarei, Shahin Moghadam and all the families demand Canada to support their court case in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and take it further to the International Court of Justice.

Shahin Moghadam said: “We have received information through unofficial channels that the top levels of the regime ordered shooting the airplane and this attracted the attention of the Ukrainian officials in three notam however their failed to take actions.”

“So, it is Ukrainian government’s responsibility to take serious actions in holding Iranian regime to account and bring them to Justice at the international level.” He added.

ICHR continuously fights for families’ rights in pursuit of justice, and acts as an advocate and consultant for the families.

We urge the government of Canada to strongly support the civil cases at the court of Ontario and support the families further by taking the case to the International Criminal Court, and United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Canada must Stand In Solidarity with the Families and:

– Condemn IRGC & government officials For killing our loved ones

– Enlist IRGC, as a terrorist organization

– Boycott & sanction corrupt officials of Islamic Republic

– block entry of criminals, thieves and corrupt relatives into Canada