The Government of the Islamic Republic in Iran has passed a resolution to create a compensation fund to pay the families of the 176 victims of the  krainian passenger plane PS752 that was shot down by Iranian Revolutionary Guard last January. Iran will pay $150,000 US for each victim through its legal department, state TV reported without giving a timeline and furthers detail.

On January 08, 2020, Iranian regime’s IRGC launched two missiles and shot down the Ukrainian jetliner PS752 which killed all 176 passengers on board. 

The offer to pay $150K in compensation to the families of the victims is yet another violation of human rights and open spit in the International laws and importantly a tactical play to avoid judgment. 

Canada and Ukraine, whose citizens were killed by the Revolutionary Guards shooting down the plane, have repeatedly criticized the Islamic Republic for failing to provide an accurate report on how the plane was shot down and called on Iranian officials to be held accountable.

“After nearly one year of delaying Justice, the lack of disclosing the contents of the black box, the continued tactical actions by the regime to hide their crime in the matter, and the games, excuses and empty promises, the families of the victims want Justice, the IRGC and the government Officials must be condemned in the International Supreme Criminal Court.” Said; Ardeshir Zarezadeh, Executive Director of ICHR Canada.

This terrorist act of IRGC is unacceptable and we will fight to the end.” Added; Ardeshir Zarezadeh. 

“Just as the anniversary of the shooting is approaching,this is another tactical play by the Islamic Republic to drag the coverup of this horrific terrorist act that they have committed”, said Dr. Hiushang Bouzari, ICHR chair.

For one year the Iranian military and government officials have cited different and contradictory narratives, including “human error” and defense system error, as the reason for the Revolutionary Guards shooting and murdering passenger of the Ps752. 

The narrations of the officials of the Islamic Republic about human error are not credible. And Due to the fact of delaying the process of Justice by not providing the black box files and when they did after months of games it was incomplete. Also the officials failed to provide credible information and tried to hide the truth.

The lack of transparency in disclosing the contents of the black box in part & selectively, is the confirmation that this is just another tactical action by the regime to hide their crime.” Said Ardeshir Zarezadeh, Executive Director of ICHR. 

“And now the offer of 150K for compensation is to silence the families of victims, and on top it’s not an acceptable compensation according to international standards.” Added; Ardeshir Zarezadeh. 

150 k can’t be decided without coordinating with other involved countries such as Ukraine and Canada, the approved amount must be paid to their heirs without any discrimination based on nationality, citizenship and gender and in accordance with the laws of the countries of the victims.

After a precise investigation with our sources in Iran, it’s clear that the regime wants to silence the families through compensation. This way they will have them sign undertaking that they won’t have any claim against the criminal government in the future, and this way they want to getaway with murdering 176 people.

ICHR strongly stands in Solidarity with the families of the victims in pursuit of justice and urges the government of Canada to support the families in the Ontario court of justice, and further take the claim to the international court.