ICHR; This criminal killer government shot children, women and men in the skies of Tehran and killed 176 people. The world must not have any confidence in the Iranian government specially after their reaction to Canada’s request for Justice.

In this video Ardeshir Zarezadeh, Executive Director for ICHR Canada; speaks further about the government of Iran calling Canada’s request for Justice extravagant.

“In the field of diplomacy they have a long history of supporting terrorism, hostage-taking and crime against humanity.  The pressures and the demand for Justice are not enough to hold them accountable for their crimes committed.” Added; Ardeshir Zarezadeh, Executive Director for ICHR Canada

Last week, the Canadian government said in a new report on the downing of a Ukrainian plane by the Revolutionary Guards missiles that the Iranian government has not been properly investigating the shooting, and many questions has remained unanswered.

Ali Rabiee, spokesman for the Iranian government called Canada’s approach to pursuing the case of the Revolutionary Guards shooting on Ukrainian airline passenger  “political” and demanded that the country not interfere in Iran’s internal affairs.

“We consider Canada’s statement to be overly ambitious and believe that it has adverse effects on the process,” Rabiee told a news conference on Tuesday.

“We advise the Government of Canada not to disrupt the process of bilateral cooperation between Iran and Ukraine, as two relevant governments, without interfering in the internal affairs of our country.”

He added: “Unfortunately, the Canadian government’s approach to the issue of the Ukrainian plane crash is a purely political and illegal approach. “They keep making political statements.”

The passengers of Flight PS752 flew to Iran, and were brutally murdered by the dictatorial government of the Islamic Republic. And to this day, not only has no justice been done, but the families of the victims are being harassed, harassed, and threatened with rape and murder on a daily basis.

Canada must continue to work for transparency, accountability and justice for the victims and their families, and in practice register the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization and sanction the corrupt officials of the Islamic Republic. Also prevent criminals, thieves and corrupt relatives from entering Canada.

ICHR condemns the Iranian government for its terrorist activities, criminalization of society, murder of PS752 passengers, and murder of young people and Iranians in the country and abroad.  We also call on the Government of Canada, in cooperation with the international community, to condemn the IRGC’s criminal action in an international criminal court of Justice.