ICHR; while we are in solidarity with the UN Secretary-General calling for global emergency, We strongly calls on the Secretary-General to take serious actions and get the government of Iran to immediately and unconditionally release all environmentalists, scientists, wildlife researchers.

The UN Secretary-General has called for a global state of emergency, as the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement approaches.

“Can anyone still deny that we are facing a significant state of emergency,” Guterres said in a statement.

“That is why today I call on all leaders around the world to declare a state of environmental emergency in their countries until the carbon state on the planet returns to normal,” he added.

While that is great news we must not forget about the imprisoned and condemned environmentalists, scientists, wildlife researchers that the government of Iran has them perishing away in their overcrowded jails, specially during the Covid19 pandemic.

As the effects of climate change have grown since the Paris Agreement – from fires in Australia and California to the melting of icebergs – Wildlife Fires, and the increasingly high numbers of earthquakes in Iran, there has been growing public pressure on world leaders to heed scientists’ warnings about climate change.

But instead the Islamic Republic is condemning the scientists researchers to long term prison term or death penalty under trumped up charges of conspiracy against the state.

In every aspect the government of Iran is making it obvious that they are the enemy of world safety and peace. They will continue to be a threat to humanity until they are stoped.

This criminal government that it’s hands are covered with murder and terrorism must be condemned by every state, and prosecuted in the International criminal court for accountability.

The most recent scientist that has been the victim of the Islamic Republic government is AhmadReza DJalali who is at the immediate danger of execution.

Sam Rajabi is another victim of government’s attack on world safety. Sam is a Wildlife Researcher whom is sentenced to long prison term under false charges.

ICHR strongly calls on the UN Secretary-General to openly Condemn the government of Iran for imprisoning and executing the environmentalists, scientists, wildlife researchers, in the International criminal court.