ICHR strongly opposes child marriage and condemns the government of Iran for for legalizing it, as well as allowing loans to be given as exchange of the child marrying.

Registered child marriages have risen as parents arrange marriages for their children in order to get the loans. Girls can be legally married at age 13 or younger with the permission of the father or male guardian and a judge, and boys age 15.

These families are unable to pay for their daughter’s living expenses. Therefore at a very young age, they sacrifice their child into marry an adult. This is the direct result of the government’s financial suppression on the society.

After these child marriages are don the result is A 15-year-old child-wife being killed by a groom in Mashhad. Such a crimes is a very clear combination of two anti-woman phenomena created by the Islamic government

Not Only No Action is Taken by The Islamic Republic’s Government, the laws allow these child marriages happen as well as promoting it in the states TV channels, social media, and big banners all over the country.

“For years now, institutions, organizations, activists and a large part of society have been protesting against child marriage and demanding the immediate repeal of its laws; But the Islamic government continues to insist on such anti-child laws and victimizes children.” Said Daryanaz Shirinkam, Communication Director at ICHR Canada.

ICHR strongly calls on the government of Iran to revoke their anti-child laws and put an end to child marrying. For all these crimes committed, the Islamic Republic must be condemned in international court of justice.

ICHR strongly stands in solidarity with children’s rights and call on the international community to take firm action to accelerate progress in advancing child rights, and their security and well-being worldwide.