ICHR strongly condemns the government of Iran for unlawfully imprisoning Amirsalar Davoodi under false charges, and he must be  release immediately and unconditionally.

Amirsalar Davoodi is one of the victims of the outrageous crackdown on human rights lawyers and defenders by the Islamic Republic government authorities in recent years, whom is serving his second year of unjust sentences under inhuman circumstances.

He was arrested on 20 November 2018 and charged with crimes against national security. With no access to his lawyer, no family visitation, and no access to a medical professional since his arrest.

The use of pressure, threats, torture, and fabrications against human rights lawyers and activists by the Islamic Republic are systematic tactics to increase suppression on the people of Iran to grow their criminal activities and their widespread terrorism worldwide.

ICHR strongly calls on the Islamic Republic to abide by the international human right laws that require governments to ensure that lawyers are able to carry out their functions without intimidation, and harassment. That been said the government of Iran must free Amirsalar Davoodi immediately and unconditionally.