ICHR celebrates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women by raising awareness, and we demand from the UN to take more firm actions to end the outrageous violence and discrimination against women.

ICHR strongly condemns the Islamic Republic government for their outrageous pressures, persecution, and discrimination exerted harshly on women, and their rights, specially the female political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

Over 40 years the Islamic Republic Government has continuously executed widespread systematic discrimination, relentless violence, Political Repression against women of Iran, specially the activists and protesters and they are left exposed to unlawful prosecution, outrageous inhuman treatments and death sentences.

Countless women are trapped under the abuses of government, morality police, the police, the pro-government thugs, IRGC, and male guardianship.

They are under employment, education, and social discrimination, violence, Political Repression, and yet they are bravely standing up for their rights despite the harassments, prosecutions, and outrageous sentences.

Being the second sex (woman) in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic laws, has made women exposed to compulsory hijab, mail guardianship, lack of choice in individual and social life, ‌no right to divorce and custody of children, ‌no right to travel, no right to enter  to some public places such as stadiums, not having the right to ride a bicycle, harassment and rape of women detained in prisons and many other cases, are violence against women done by the government of Iran.

The foundation of the government of the Islamic Republic was built by attacking women and misogyny, and women’s freedom is in conflict with this government and its laws.

ICHR strongly calls on Iran’s government to stop violating the human rights of the women, and to start abiding by the UN laws and laws of human rights.

ICHR also strongly urged the United Nations to condemn the government of Iran in the international courts, for all their criminal and terrorism activities against civilians and humanity.