ICHR strongly opposes against misogyny and condemns the government of Iran for normalization of murder and honour killings in Iran. The Islamic republic regime must be tried and condemned in the international courts.

November 25th, the International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women comes as the honour killings and the killings of women under the laws of  Islamic Republic have risen dramatically in the past year.

The growing propaganda of the culture of honour killings by the regime,‌ and the growing public outrage over economic problems created by the government have taken many victims from women population some of whom that won’t even become media.

The absence of laws prohibiting violence against women, the fact that women are second in line with the law, and the lack of legal, governmental, and judicial protection for women have led to increasing oppression of women and increased victimization by half of society over the past year.

The population of women has experienced one of the worst historical conditions in the past year. The Islamic government policies harshly discriminates the human rights of women and considers women’s humanity second to man.

The government of the Islamic Republic has continuously executed widespread systematic discrimination, relentless violence, Political Repression against women of Iran, specially the activists and protesters and they are left exposed to unlawful prosecution, outrageous inhuman treatments, honour killings, and death sentences.

ICHR strongly calls on Iran’s government to stop violating the human rights of the women, and to start abiding by the UN laws and laws of human rights. And must end the misogynistic laws and not to allow murder and honour killings become a normal issue in Iran.