ICHR strongly condemns the government of Iran for imprisoning, persecuting, and mentally torturing Parisa Rafiei for practicing her human right, and we demand her immediate and unconditional release.

Criticism of religion and all ideologies and intellectual systems is the rights of all human beings. But in the political of the government of Islamic Republic human rights has no meaning.

Parisa Rafiei is the 21Yrs old Photography student, whom is currently sentenced to 7Yrs in prison and 74 lashes, for exposing the pressures put on female political prisoners.

She published an open letter, condemning the recent arrests of labor activists and pressures exerted on female political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

Student activist Paris is now facing mind torture, as she is being pushed to do a virginity test several times and threatened to execution and a torture method of nail-pulling in prison.

In May, Rafiei spoke out against attempts to force her to take a “virginity test” while in detention.

She said “In a totally unlawful action during my detention, my interrogator with the approval of the case investigator sent me to the medical examiner’s office on Behesht St. for a virginity test but I stood firm and despite threats and lots of pressure, they did not succeed,” she wrote in an open letter.

She also added “I insisted on lodging a complaint against this illegal request [of a virginity test] several times but the authorities refused and kept it quiet,”

Rafiei continued: “In addition to commonly imposing solitary confinement for days and months during the initial investigation stage, the authorities transfer political suspects to unidentified detention centers which not only hamper the efforts of family and friends to find them, but also put the suspects under added psychological pressure.”

“A political suspect becomes more vulnerable to threats when she doesn’t know where she is being held under tight security measures and when she’s blindfolded and incapable of grasping the surrounding space.”

ICHR strongly condemns the Islamic Republic government for the outrageous pressures, persecution, and discrimination exerted harshly on women, and their rights, specially the female political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

ICHR also strongly urges the United Nations to condemn the government of Iran in the international courts, for all their criminal and terrorism activities against civilians and humanity.