ICHR strongly stands in solidarity with the people of Iran and condemns the government for their outrageous human rights violations, murders, specially the killings of the minors.

The growing violation of human rights by the Islamic Republic is the greatest threat to the peace worldwide.

The United Nations has issued a resolution condemning “gross and growing human rights abuses” in Iran and strongly called on the Islamic Republic to end its persecution of dissidents and minorities.

The resolution was proposed Wednesday by Canada and 30 other countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany and France, with 79 votes in favor, 32 against and 64 abstentions.

The UN resolution strongly condemned the Islamic Republics government for “the Increase in execution of the death penalty, especially of political prisoner’s, Imposition of the death penalty on minors, Increasing persecution on religious minorities, Violation of the rights of prisoners, especially political prisoners, Obtaining forced confessions, Discrimination against women and violation of women’s rights, all during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Moreover the resolution strongly called on the Islamic Republic of Iran to release those imprisoned in defense of  human rights, especially those detained during the peaceful protests of November 2019, and to halt harsh sentences, executions, long prison terms, death penalty, torture, and imprisoning the dissidents.

Furthermore the resolution specially called on the Islamic Republic of Iran to end all discrimination against women and to protect women from violence and human rights abuses.  The organization’s resolution stressed that Iran should increase the possibility of women’s participation in the political, economic, cultural and sports fields.

The UN resolution also strongly called on the Islamic Republic to rectify the poor condition of prisons, especially in the context of the corona outbreak, and to end the deliberate refusal to provide medical care, safe drinking water and adequate sanitation for the prisoners.

ICHR strongly calls on the International Community to stand in solidarity with the people of Iran and take the government officials to international courts and condemn them for criminalizing , persecuting, the people of Iran, and practice of Illegal_Prosecutions, Tortures, Forced_Confessions, Executions, and Murders.