ICHR celebrates the World Children’s Day by urging the governments worldwide to take firm actions to address the Imminent danger of pandemic for children’s rights.

The COVID-19 hasn’t spare children, the 25.7 million infections in 87 countries 1 in 9 were among children and young people under 20 years old. The pandemic not only has directly affected children’s health but it has also disrupted their education and access to vital vaccines, nutrition, medical-health and increased mental health crisis (addiction, depression, suicide).

“This year, the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a child rights crisis. The danger of the pandemic for children are immediate and, if unaddressed, may last a lifetime that will Permanently damage our shared future.” Said; Ardeshire Zarezadeh, Executive Director for ICHR Canada.

Specially the children in smaller village, children of street, children of work, children of refugee, there are many reports worldwide of children taking their life because they don’t have access to the online classes.

In refugee camps the the rights of children was in danger and today with covid19 their lives are even more so in danger. Lack of clean water, soap, mask, access to online education, medical health, medicine, and clean environment.

“We know that, in any crisis, the young and the most vulnerable suffer disproportionately. This pandemic is no different. It is our responsibility to prevent suffering, save lives and protect the health of every child.” Said; Dr. Daryanaz Shirinkam, Communication Director at ICHR Canada.

“We must also ensure that risk-informed decisions on COVID-19 control measures are made based on the best available evidence in order to minimize and prevent any collateral damage, and to provide mitigation measures so the damage is not lifetime lasting for the children.” Added; Dr. Daryanaz Shirinkam, Communication Director at ICHR Canada.

ICHR strongly stands in solidarity with children’s rights and call on the international community to pay more attention and take firm action to accelerate progress in advancing child rights, and their security and well-being worldwide.

“For Every Child Every Right”