Country; Iraq

ICHR is calling the mass execution of 21 prisoners in Nasiriyah, Iraq, extremely alarming and worrisome as it puts several hundred more prisoners in the country in eminent danger of execution.

Hundreds of prisoners in Iraq are in immediate danger of execution. Nasiriyah Prison in southern Iraq is famous for imprisoning former officials of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Medical sources and police told AFP that 21 Iraqi men were hanged on November 17 in the famous Nasiriyah prison in southern Iraq.

Details of the crimes of these individuals are reportedly unknown, and some of them are said to have collaborated with ISIS; that has raises the possibility of individual “revenge” against these prisoners.

“Retaliation to executions not only fails to deliver justice to the victims and to their families, they serve to reinforce perceptions of partial justice.” Said; Ardeshire Zarezadeh, Executive Director for ICHR Canada.

Numerous investigations into the administration of justice in terrorism-related cases in Iraq have revealed repeated violations of the right to a fair trial.

Over-reliance on confessions, and repeated number of torture or ill-treatment have become “commonplace” in this prison.

ICHR Strongly condemns the Iraqi authorities for executing people. The government of Iraq must end their outrageous torture, executions, and enforced disappearances that are still taking place across the country.