ICHR strongly condemns the government of Iran for unlawfully prosecuting, and executing Mostafa Salehi, one of the Day_Mah96 (Dec_2017) protestors. This criminal act can not go unanswered and the government of Iran must be held responsible.

Mostafa Salehi was only practicing his right to protest. Criticism of politics, states, religions and all ideologies and intellectual systems is the rights of all human beings. But in the politics of Iran’s government this right has no meaning.

The government of Iran prosecuted and sentenced this innocent human being under false charges and during his prosecution he was persecuted, tortured, and threaten to confess to the fake charges. But Mostafa Salehi didn’t confess, and still the court with out due process sentences him to death and carried it out.

The government of Iran did this criminal act of murder while the world was chanting to halt death penalties, with this act the state has confirmed that the death penalty is a strategic politic to continuously reign their dictatorship and loot the country.

The government of Iran is increasingly proving to the world that their political policies has no respect for human life and rule of law. It’s more important than ever to make a stand and demand justice, accountability, and security for the people of Iran.

The way the government is killing The people of Iran at every opportunity it gets, their lives are in immediate danger.

ICHR strongly calls On United Nations totake serious actions to Stop torture, and the death sentence policies in Iran & to revoke the death sentences for all political prisoners under death row, and to release them immediately and unconditionally.

ICHR also strongly condemns the government of Iran for Criminalizing the people, violating their rights, and their inhuman policies such as torture, abuses, death penalty’s, and the killings. Also demanding that the government  to start abiding by the rule of laws and laws of human rights.