ICHR Strongly Condemns China’s Communist Regime for their crimes against humanity, and calls on UN, and democratic counties to take serious actions to hold responsible parties accountable and stop China’s regime from disrupting worlds peace.

Over two hundred of Canadians from different political views and background from Iran, Tibet, Hong Kong, Pakistan, India, China, and Uyghur came together to protest against China’s criminal communist regime.

ICHR is absolutely thrilled by the gathering in front of the Chinese consulate in Toronto to protest against China’s human rights violations and it’s danger to the world peace and security.

The China’s Communist regime holds the highest number of death penalties carried out in the world; the regime engages in violation of human rights on constant basis.

China’s regime is clearly committing genocide against Uyghur’s Muslim population. It imprisons its dissidents and has turned to organ smuggling.

Chinese regime’s deception and the crackdown and murder of conscientious Chinese doctors has led to Covid 19 global pandemic.

China’s communist regime persistently violates people of Tibet’s freedom of religion. Chinese authorities have forcibly detained Panchen Lama for the past 25 years.

Chinese regime has suppressed Hong Kong democracy activists. If there was no global solidarity with the people of Hong Kong, a crime even worse than what the world witnessed in Tiananmen Square could have transpired.

The regime commits espionage and violates people’s privacy through the use of technology.

Chinese government exerts control over Huawei which collaborate with authoritarian regimes to install surveillance and espionage equipment and has violated international laws.

Due to negligence of Canadian government, it is possible that part of Canada’s telecommunication would be managed by this corrupt company. The risk of the companies with ties to the Chinese communist party is ever increasing for the people all over the world.

“The two Canadian citizens, Michael Kovrig and Michal Spavor, have been held hostage  by this criminal regime since 2018. We must call and scream for the two Michaels’ release. As well as China must release all political prisoners.” Said Ardeshir Zarezadeh, Advocacy Director for Iran, and The Middle East at ICHR Canada.

Not only Chinese communist regime itself is a violator of human rights, but it also supports criminal regime of Islamic Republic of Iran on the international stage.

Islamic Republic has recently signed a disgraceful and lopsided agreement in which Chinese communist regime is granted free hand to exploit Iran’s national resources for the next 25 years.

The 25-year Iran-China agreement is an undeniable betrayal of Iran’s national interests. It Effectively gives Iran’s oil, gas, Petrochemical, port transportation and even military industries to the Chinese under unfair and unbelievable conditions.

ICHR Strongly Condemns the 25-Yr Iran-China Agreement, which have been implemented for the purpose of restricting, oppressing, people of Iran and to increasingly widens the reign of dictatorship, by destroying national wealth and increasing poverty.

ICHR also strongly calls on the government of Canada to join U.S., Britain, New Zealand and Australia in alliance to condemn Chinese criminal regime for its violations of international laws, and to firmly banned Huawei from 5G network and recognize it as a security and economic threat.