ICHR strongly condemns torture as it’s a serious crime against human rights standards.

With numerous credible reports of torture and abuses that the government of Iran has taken in action forcing prisoners to false confessions, as we can see in the fallowing video.

ICHR Strongly Calls on the government of Iran to stop the use of torture, and death penalty and to take strong actions to end torture in Iran’s prisons. The government must answer for their crimes against people of Iran.

We must stand up against the inhuman treatment of the Islamic Republic government towards Ruhollah Zam, all political prisoners, and the people of Iran.

Ruhollah Zam is another victim of Iran’s systemic Human Rights Violation, Rohollah is a journalist and media activist whom is best known for operating a Telegram channel named ‘Amadnews’, that played a high-profile role in the 2017–18 Iranian protests.

He is sentenced to death because he practiced his right to speech and expression, and if that is not enough, the government has tortured him to falsely confess on tv to what ever they want.

As we can see in this video that Ruhollah Zam is completely under distress, as he is answering the questions in his expressions the signs of torture is visible, he is not comfortable with any of his answers.

Also there are footages of him blindfolded during transport, and the stage of the interview is set up in Iran’s revolutionary guards(IRGC) integration centre where he has been tortured.

Exercising one’s right to freedom of thought & freedom of expression doesn’t make him a criminal. But is the government of Iran criminalizes the people for just simply practicing their rights and executes torture, unlawful prosecution, and executions under their inhuman laws. Injustice cannot go unanswered.

Over 40 years the Islamic Republic Government has continuously executed widespread systematic discrimination, relentless violence, Political Repression, torture, threats against people of Iran, specially the activists and protesters and they are left exposed to unlawful prosecution, outrageous inhuman treatments and death sentences, or killed during protests.

ICHR strongly condemns the government of Iran for Criminalizing the people, violating their rights, and their inhuman policies (torture, abuses, death penalty), Also calling on the government officials to start abiding by the UN laws and laws of human rights.

ICHR also Strongly Calls On UN totake serious actions to Stop torture, and the death sentence policies in Iran & to revoke the death sentence for Ruhollah Zam, AmirHossein Moradi, Said Tamjidi, Muhammad Rajabi & all political prisoners under death row, and to release them immediately and unconditionally.