ICHR strongly condemns the government of Iran for the execution of Morteza Jamali, a 55 years old father of two whom was killed by the government of Iran for drinking alcohol.

Executing a man for drinking alcohol, is consider act of murder, and in Iran it’s part of the law and the policies of the government, hence the execution of a 55 years old father for being drunk in the religious city of Iran, Mashhad. This is the true face of the Iranian judiciary and dictator government.

Just recently Hedayatollah Abdollahpour, Kurdish-Iranian was sentenced to death on false charges in 2018 was secretly executed. After the judge on the case found him innocent of any wrongdoing.

The government of Iran has many policies that leads to killing, executing, and violating people’s human rights.

For over 40 years the Government of Iran has continuously executed widespread systematic discrimination, violence, Political Repression against the people of Iran, and they are left exposed to unlawful prosecutions, outrageous sentences, and death.

ICHR strongly condemns the government of Iran for Criminalizing the people, violating their rights, and their inhuman policies (death penalty), Also calling on the government officials to start abiding by the UN laws and laws of human rights.

ICHR also Strongly Calls On International Community to raise their voice and strongly demand from the states that practice torture and death penalty to put an end to it, and start abiding by the UN human rights laws and rule of law. And to demand the death penalty for Ruhollah Zam, AmirHossein Moradi, Said Tamjidi, Muhammad Rajabi, and all political prisoners on death raw to be revoke and release them immediately and unconditionally.