On July-1st CanadaDay  join ICHR in celebrating Diversity, Inclusion, GenderEquality Equality, HumanRights, Hope, and together we can fix SystemicRacism, Discriminations, HumanRight_Violations, and Gender_based_Violence with LoveFromCanada, as Together we are Stronger.

Canada has always focused on multiculturalism, and promoting peace globally, on that note we ask our country to condemn dictatorship and to call in countries with dictatorship policies to start abiding the UN human right laws, and rule of law.

ICHR also urges Canada to raise their voice and strongly demand from the states that practice torture and death penalty to put an end to it, and start abiding by the @UN human rights laws and rule of law. And to also call to stop executing protesters, and revoke the death sentence for all political prisoners under death row, and to release them immediately and unconditionally.

It’s been a tough year, fighting COVID-19, keeping that in mind ICHR urges to Celebrate Canada Day safely. Remember to keep social gatherings to a maximum of 10 people, practice Physical Distancing with anyone not in your social circle and continue to wear a mask and WashYourHands.¬†