ICHR Stands in solidarity with refugees worldwide, and We Urge the Canadian Govt to restore refugee programs to take UNHCR referred refugees.

As Canadians we love people from every country, it means we can’t forget about refugees. We need to make more effort to ensure an ending to refugee crisis.

Since the rise of ISIS and other associated groups, we have faced many issues in Middle East, internally displaces persons, mass killings, refugee crisis.

Millions  of refugees and displaced persons are living in camps with outrageous and serious crisis, such as lack of electricity, healthcare, basic necessities like soap, clean water, and most importantly they have no choice.

Taking all the crisis the refugees are facing into consideration specially This year with COVID-19 pandemic that has changed our world significantly into an uncertain times, makes it more important than ever for Canada to remain committed to its humanitarian tradition, and to an asylum system that is fair and efficient.

“The Canadian government brought a number Syrian refugees but closed the door to other vulnerable people whose lives are in danger.”Said; Ardeshire Zarezadeh, Executive Director for Iran, and The Middle East at ICHR Canada.

“Our country has always reached out to help the people around the globe that needed it, and today the people of Iran and the neighbouring countries need our help.” Added; Ardeshire Zarezadeh, Executive Director for Iran, and The Middle East at ICHR Canada.

On that note; ICHR strongly urges the Canadian government to step up to rescue the vulnerable refugees whom has received status by UNHCR, and honour the LGBT refugee program to bring LGBT+ asylum seekers to Canada from countries where they are in danger including Iran and its neighboring countries.

ICHR have been Honouring Refugees week with the Mission of raising awareness, and helping refugee camps with the hope to end refugee crisis.

Refugees can not go back home, we have to help them start their life’s over.

We all should take part to END Refugee Crisis worldwide, Every Action Counts.

ICHR also calls on the international world community to take serious actions to address these issues and help the refugees, displace people, asylum seekers, and stateless people to start their life’s over.