Country; Iran

Recently girl day was celebrated in Iran, and yet at the same time girls are being Killed for honour. As Under the laws of the Islamic Republic government, male domination, misogyny and child abuse are legal.

ICHR strongly condemns the government of Iran for allowing “honour killing” and not prosecuting the responsible party, justice must be served for each one of the “honour killings” victims.

Girls are not safe in their own homes, not from government, nor the police, and they are persecuted, abused, prostituted, sold, and forced into marriage from age 9.

Just recently there are viral news of honour killings of girls all over the social media, and all because these girls were practicing their humanities and nothing more.

Dancing, laughing, falling in love, pursuing-career, education, and simply living life for girls are considered dishonour, and if the father or the brother kills his daughter or sister in name of protection of honour, the government does not sentence them to maximum prison time it’s not consider murder.

Girls can’t breathe in their own country, city, school, and not even in their homes in Iran, all due to inhuman laws of Islamic republic government.

Early June, the head of Romina Ashrafi, a 13-year-old girl in Gilan province, was separated by her father with a sickle while she was asleep in name of honour.

Recently Fatemeh Barhi, a 19-year-old girl in Abadan, was stabbed to death by her husband in name of honour.

Reyhaneh Ameri, a 22-year-old girl, was stabbed in Kermanshah by her father in name of honour.

Leila Farrokhi, a young girl who was shot dead by her husband in Karaj in name of honour.

Somayeh Fathi, a resident of Kermanshah, is another honour killing victim who was very recently added to the list of these extremely heinous honour killings. Somayeh was forced to take her own life by her father, brother and other family members.

“All of these killings were carried out in the name of honour and dignity, I ask what honour and dignity is there in murdering girls. I condemn the government of Iran for these inhuman laws, and demand justice for these girls, there must be accountability.” Said; Ardeshire Zarezadeh, Executive Director for Iran, and The Middle East at ICHR Canada.

The government of Iran must be accountable for their extreme form of gender discrimination and all type of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment that profoundly damages girls & women’s human dignity.” Added; Ardeshire Zarezadeh, Executive Director for Iran, and The Middle East at ICHR Canada.

ICHR strongly condemns the government of Iran for its violence against girls. Domestic violence is Violation of human rights on a very large scale, murder is at the highest level of violation of rule of law and human Rights, and we demand justice for each one of the “honour killings” victims.