ICHR calls on the international community for long-term solutions, to support and help the Displaced Yezidis in Kurdistan Region camps.

Many of the approximately 70 million refugees worldwide are facing a double crisis: on top of fleeing war_torn countries, they’re now facing scarce basic necessities, like soap and clean water, to fend off COVID-19. 

The lack of electricity and humanitarian assistance at displacement camps in the Kurdistan Region’s Duhok province is taking its toll on the IDPs.

People who live in the camps, especially members of the ethnic-minority Yezidi (Ezidi) community, have asked for electricity and water as their living conditions are deteriorating, over the last five years. 

ICHR have been Honouring Refugees week with the Mission of raising awareness, and helping refugee camps with the hope to end refugee crisis.

Refugees can not go back home, we have to help them start their life’s over.

We all should take part to #ENDRefugeeCrisis worldwide, Every Action Counts.

On that note; ICHR also urges the Canadian government to step up to rescue the vulnerable refugees who has received status by UNHCR, and honour the LGBT refugee program to bring LGBT+ asylum seekers to Canada from countries where they are in danger including Iran and its neighboring countries.