Country: Iran

ICHR stands in solidarity with all the nurses and all medical staff, whom are bravely and kindly protecting us during COVID19, and we thank you for your services, as we are extremely thankful we mourn the lost of all Medical Care staff whom gave their life’s while protecting us.

This week is International Nurse Week and as the whole world is appreciating the hard work, and sacrifices of the Nurses, specially during this scare time of Coronavirus pandemic.

The government of Iran is refusing to renew their contracts. Over 2,500 Nurses have lost their jobs and they are not paid for the period of their employment, and many more are to fallow the same fate.

In Iran, on International Nurse’s Day nurses raise their voice to protest against the discrimination and inequality, against wages that are below the poverty line, and against temporary contracts that have led to more slavery and exploitation of nurses and medical staff.

The nurses are under pressure of work, during COVID19 and the lack of health and preventive facilities, and the stress imposed on them by the government, along with the lack of job security and low wages, and for some no wages have made it impossible for some to continue.

Many nurses that were employed by the private sector, with the medical offices, labs, and private hospitals, were called by the government to leave their jobs and come work for the hospitals and university hospitals.

Considering the pandemic crisis the nurses accepted based on the promise of permanent jobs, but now the government say they won’t sign contracts with them instead they will pay them for 89 days only and let them go.

There are also over 2,500 nurses that are not getting their contracts renewed, and the government has told them that once the crisis is over their jobs are over, according to the nurses reporting.

ICHR strongly condemns the injustice and persecution that the nurses are facing specially during this pandemic Crisis. And we strongly call on government of Iran to stop slavery labour and exploitation of all labour workers and nurses.