Country: Iran

One hundred days have passed since the downing of the Ukrainian aircraft by thenIranian regime’s military and still no Justice. That’s just not acceptable.

The families of the victims are demanding justice and want answers. But instead, they are being faced with excuses and empty promises.

ICHR is continuously in pursuit of Justice for the families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane shot down by IRGC missiles, and we strongly call on the governments to stop delaying the process and take serious actions in pursuing justice and accountability.

Canada and other countries who lost citizens in the downing of aircraft, including Britain, Sweden, Ukraine, and Afghanistan, had been pressuring Iran for months to hand over the flight recorders from the doomed the flight so their data could be downloaded and analyzed to discover the truth.

Yet after Iran Broke their promise in early March to surrender the flight recorders within two weeks,  Iran’s civil aviation organization reached out to affected countries last week to assess when they could send representatives to participate in the process to download the flight records of the black box, knowing that they might not be able to travel abroad due to the novel COVID-19.

Their wish came true and the head of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said that it is not possible to travel now because of COVID-19. Canadian authorities requested that Iran hold off the download of the flight recorders.

It’s to be expected that the government of Iran will carry through with its commitment to have the recorders downloaded, and use this to their advantage and play strategies, or use Canada’s offer and delay the process to kill time and avoid any access. This is a game Iran playing, and stopping the process is just playing right into their hands.

“The governments must continue to work with the other members of the international coordination group to ensure Iran lives up to its international obligations as we pursue justice for the victims of this horrific tragedy.” Said Ardeshir Zarezadeh, Executive Director of ICHR.

“The black boxes are pivotal to the investigation into the downing of Flight 752 and must be removed from Iran and delivered to a safe country and this would be impossible if Canada and Ukraine do not understand the Iranian regime’s time killing game.”

ICHR acknowledges the difficulties posed by COVID-19, however, believes that this is an important reason itself that the international community keeps the pressure on Iran to hand over the flight recorders to a third country.

It was reported by Radio Farda that the Iranian authorities have sent a draft memorandum of understanding to Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry: it obliges Ukraine and the families of the victims to drop the right to sue in the case of the UIA plane crash in Tehran, thereby acknowledging the fact of “human error”. This is just another strategic game from the Iranian regime.

“The statement is clearly asking Ukraine and the families of victims of flight PS752 to waive their rights to bring an action to the court.” And this is unacceptable.

ICHR stands in Solidarity with the families of the victims in pursuit of justice and demands answers. ICHR strongly calls on all involved governments to stop delaying the process, and take serious actions in pursuing justice, specifically taking this case to an international court.

We also strongly urge the government of Canada to serve Iran with copies of a class action filed at the Ontario Court of Justice as the families of victims wanting  justice.

For media inquaries please contact Naz Shirinkam Communications Director of ICHR.@ 1-888-908-7317.