Nowruz Celebrations Are Under Siege Of Sadness

ICHR Strongly condemns the government of Iran for neglecting to contain the Coronavirus outbreak by denying it well after it was spread nationwide. We also condemn the government of Iran for turning its back to people of Iran  in crisis and for it’s systematic human rights violations.

As the Persian Nowruz Celebrations bloom ICHR wishes for All & the people of Iran eternal health, happiness, peace, enjoyment of all blessings, and freedom.

But Today the world is going through one of its most critical periods confronting Coronavirus, including Iran that has led to public welfare crisis due to the governments negligence.

The Iranians are also confronted with the political, economic, moral, and social crisis by the governments tactical and systematic human rights violations both inside and outside of the country.

As Spring is blooming for millions of people around the world and Iran, The ancient Nowruz  (“new day”) celebrations are to end the winter

with festivities symbolizing love, hope, peace, freedom and the possibilities of new beginnings.

But unfortunately the government of Iran has made it very impossible for Iran’s people and the political prisoners to enjoy and celebrate this time of year.

The year passed has been extremely hard and full of crisis for the people of Iran, from governments widespread systematic discriminations, violences, financial and Political Repression against people of Iran, that leads to their exposure to prosecutions, and outrageous sentences.

To Facing floods, earthquakes, the shooting of Ukrainian flight, and most recent the Coronavirus crisis, which government negligence, and it’s inability to provide the most basic public services, has left people of Iran vulnerable to government systematic human rights violations and attacks.

The government’s failure to acknowledge and Quarantine city of Qom at the fists sight of Coronavirus confirmed, shows the it’s Illegitimacy.

  • Why the government denied the outbreak till it was too late and spread out to 13 major cities
  • Why the government neglecting the safety and the healthcare of the Iranian people
  • Why the government is not providing the hospitals with enough equipment

While the hospital are working without the correct facilities, They have to buy the necessary equipment in the open market. And on top of it They are not getting their salaries.

The government has announced that they have temporarily released 54,000 prisoners to avoid the risk of Coronavirus outbreak, but the prisoners of conscience, including human rights defenders are still in prison under false charges.

There are number of reports that the prisons are infected with the Coronavirus and do to governments shortcomings it’s spreading fast.

The government inability to contain the Covina-19 outbreak throughout the country shows it’s illegitimacy.

The political prisoners are Separated from their loved ones and serving long jail terms in infected environment, that has led them to sickness and death, for their peaceful protests and defending human rights.

Iran’s government believe it’s widespread systematic human rights violations, attack, killings and jail cells can silence these individuals but we won’t let them, and we won’t stop until they are free.

ICHR Strongly Calls Government of Iran Must FREE all Prisoner of Conscience, human rights defenders, lawyers, and labour rights activists immediately and unconditionally. Also they must answer for all the arrests, prosecutions, torture & ill-treatments of human rights defenders, lawyers, and labour rights activists.