ICHR, Toronto- January 18, 2020: International Center for Human Rights in Canada (ICHR) received reports from Iran that the Iranian regime threatens the families of the Ukrainian airplane tragedy not to communicate with media.

Several families have reported to ICHR that they have been threatened and intimidated by the intelligence and security agents. The security agents are all over the places where the families are after the affairs of their loved ones they lost in the tragedy and threaten them to stay silent. Families say that their moves are under surveillance.

According to these reports, security agents interfere in their private mourning ceremonies and related affairs without a sign of sympathy. The agents have told the families that if they want the remains of their loved ones, they must refrain from communicating with media.

The reports received by ICHR indicate that families have been approached by the agents to sign documents that are in the interest of the Iranian regime”, said Ardeshir Zarezadeh, ICHR’s director.
“Also, the agents are calling the families every day and trying different avenues to make them feel unsafe if they take any political steps against the regime”.

Some of the families of the victim of the Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 told ICHR that the regime is trying to destroy the evidence in relation to the reasons why they shot down the plane.
ICHR demands a full and fact-finding investigation and request the Canadian government to bring justice to the victims of this tragedy by taking the Iranian regime to the International court.